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What is new about today’s market is that there are so many ways to promote your product or service. Getting creative is my favorite part!

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The confusing part is finding out how to stay on top of all the social media and digital tools? Which ones to target first, or depending on the market and economy, which one has better ROI? That’s where what Pho Love specializes in. Making online not create so much stress, so you can keep operating your business.

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What’s trending in Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marking?

Trending today are brands reevaluating the metrics that matter most. Leaning in to Social Listening. While providing a customer experience and journey.

As highlighted by the most recent Pho Love Media Marketeing looks at a variety of metrics to determine what’s working and what’s not on social. Digital Marketing, email campains and social media strategy are just a few ways business is done online today.

As we shift away from Facebook and Instagram Likes are turning from “Likes” as the measuring stick for content performance.And even if Likes don’t totally disappear, this trend signals the need for brands to look beyond surface-level data.

Case in point, nearly two-thirds of marketers surveyed by Sprout, a software and social marketing agency, felt that social listening, actively listening to customer engagement, comments and what the market is looking for will be crucial in 2020. Diving into conversations and sentiment analysis, aka engagment, developing relationships and connections will help marketers to be concerned with what’s being said rather than how many people are talking or looking at a single post.

The ever growing need to stay on top your brands message and content is evolving more and more to where business trends are growing and actual revenue online is replacing traditional marketing, like print advertising, paper ads, mailers can be costly and less effective than online marketing. PRINT is not DEAD. It’s simply shifting. With B2C (business to customer/consumer) relationships and B2B (business to business) relationships, are seeing that really you need to do BOTH online and traditional marketing depending on your target market. If you lack in one you are missing out on a huge opporutinity in the other. It makes it harder for companies to see effective use of ad spend.

It may feel like your company is “behind” the trend of moving online. It’s never to late to start. And the longer wait to get online, the longer you keep your online engagment. Even if you aren’t ready to generate a webiste that converts via advertisement spending. You will lose engagement by not being present at all. It’s better to start and test things out for yourself. If you are overwhelmed with where to start hiring a professional to help you online could key in creating a customer experience that is professional and seemless.

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