Loving family meals and eating is a past time handed down from my mother. Growing up in a Japanese-American home being exposed to a wide food pallete very young age was the norm. At home love of good food, brings good friends and great memories to share around the dinner table. My mom always invited people over every other Sunday for a big meal… with new recipes to share. Which after a few years of “college eating”… and cereal box left overs and oversized snacking called “meals.” It seemed like time and poor Chewy had to endure curry leftovers and a few recipes that lasted for weeks. Learning to let go and let her teach me food filled with asain spices blended with american dishes is what is home for me. To my suprise this BIG stress of cooking… has become a cherished past time.

Helping mom out while growing up on Sunday afteroons with some cooking seemed like a dance with a cooking magician. I wasn’t sure where the recipes were, becuase most are locked in memory waiting to be gleaned. I was able to learn how to wrap Japanese won-tons aka gyoza, roll home made sushi and make other lost art Japanese soul food that is now a staple for my family.

Croquette /krōˈket/: a small roll of chopped vegetables, meat, or fish, fried in breadcrumbs.
A small Japanese potato croquette

After being married a couple years and newly wed in college left cooking to the back burner. My mom helped me learn some of her kitchen tricks and magic dishes. 

I often CRAVE Japanese food when feeling homesick & have learned to love this time to be fully present. Choping. Cutting. Dicing.  Smelling those familiar exotic spices of my childhood in my own home brings great joy & a family closeness for home.  

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Since delving into chiropratic lifestyle with Chewy of nutrition based eating and preventative holistic lifestyle choices. I learned fast that cooking takes time. Presence. And love. Learning healthy tips from my husband and many nutrition living friends and professionals I’ve come to look for EASY PEASY nutritous recipes that offer those asain flavors, lots herbs & spices–as well as simple enough for a busy mom lifestyle. Here you will find nutrition based, family friendly, time saving recipes.

Butternut Squash & Bacon Soup

Some may be vegan, some paleo, some plain old food for the soul. I promise each recipe will taste ….OOOOOOIIIIIISSSHHHIIIIIIII!!!! In Japanese, that means, delicious!