What’s up? My name is Adina. I aspire to live a deeply fulfilled life and grow each day. My hope is that something I write will spark & move you. Hopefully you’ll start a journey of taking more action and braving your truth. I didn’t quite understand or embrace this calling for a very long time. What does it mean to want to inspire daily? Sounds very hippy and kumbaya.. yet that’s what made the biggest difference. Learning to listen to my inner world and to soft still voice to understand what my calling is. Everyone has an inner genius. And tapping into that is where the magic is. 


A continued effort of unraveling self-dsicovery and personal development towards awakening into ones inner genius & full potential. Coupled with dedication to answer the call & pay it forward.


Hopefully you leave with more soul and ready to live bravely in this wild and wonderful world. I find the more you stay, read, and engage you’ll get to know me… or more importantly you’ll find something that resonates with you. This space is created with the intention for those who desire to grow, connect and live a soulful & deeply gratifying life. Finding the silver lining in each moment to grow where you are. Laughing and enjoying the adventures of life and the discovery within each step. 

Been drawing or creating all my life, there’s not a time I remember not doodling, drawing or sketching. An artist “from the womb”–so to speak.  I’ll try anything once–thanks to the influence Chew aka the hubs and a curiosity. Which has let to a lot of failure, dissapointment, and life lessons. 

On the other side of the coin, I have always been tom-boy at heart. Playing physical sports, and being outdoors has been a childhood past time and an ever growing passion. Growing up in the PNW on the south of Seattle—the wild and lush tall evergreen forests was the playground of my youth.  I played in the dirt, climbed trees and schooled the boys in hoops or soccer at recess. It was fun. Being outside has become a place of strength and inner peace and inspiration.

Northwest Trek–on the Olympic Penninsula of Washington State close to home

It lead me full circle–that adventurous, never back down, bossy girl–who would call out if the teacher was wrong, race the boys in a math problem in front of th class or simply dance with the girls then chase down boys at recess. Those adventures, heart breaks, and tough traumatic life experiences inspired a quiet reflection indoors. Sometimes with severe depression and inner world that didn’t quite make sense. Crippling movement and blurring clarity.

Yet in those hard times I’ve found life’s greatest lesssons. And found that’s where my hands discovered painting, drawing or writing–documenting became the unveiling of my inner world. With body, mind and soul –expressed itself best without words for a long time. Through dextrous endevours of color crayons, paint and pencil for the majority of my life. Speaking my truth was always quite difficult and untimely. TIMING is something that has elluded me for years. Being mostly quiet & observant by nature blending in seemed a lot easier.  It’s funny how difficult things in life can draw out inspiration and inspired action and deep reflection to live a life of creativity.

Eventually after years of struggling with depression, trauma and unwanted, unhealthy patterns and habits–

I found a desire rekindled to make massive changes and after all the years of journaling I finally found my voice in words.

Painting lead to…


Journaling lead to…


studio art. the aftermath.

What came out I could have never guessed in a million years.

This is the purpose of this blog.

To share a piece of me.

The bits of wisdom (if any), photos, paintings, recipes, health and fitness hacks, and personal development hacks. Lessons learned.

Unsatisfied with keeping talents hidden and wanting to do more. Raise a sense of resolve, responisiblity and take control over my life…I also started a business that for Digital Marketing, Web Design, and Photography-

Pho Love Media encompasses it all.

The services I offer reflect the merging parts.

Media Including: Photography, Fine Art Prints and Original Paintings *consultaion only, & Digital Media and Adverstising.