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“For all your virtual needs, Adina is the person you need to hire, like yesterday! She’s so quick and attentive. In our office, we have new needs almost hourly and I can forward her our ideas and within a few hours she’s created something we could never imagine.

I give Adina a 10 out of 10. 5 stars!!!

I highly recommend Adina for any marketing needs!

Grace E. Garcia

Communications Director at the Wellness Center PDX


Make your Marketing Stand Out

More than 80% of shoppers/buyers do their research online before investing in a product/service.

Almost 60% of U.S. adults use Facebook on a regular basis.

94% of B2B marketers are actively using LinkedIn for marketing.

Mobile will be accounting for over 70% of digital ad spend by 2019.

90% B2C businesses report social media as being the most effective content marketing tactic.


Marketing Overwhelm?

Regardless of the business you are in, you need to take theimportance of digital marketing into consideration. Or else you may lose out to competition that is taking advantage of the latest digital marketing techniques.


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Now, truly understanding digital marketing trends and applying methods that are suitable for your business may not be your specialty. It may take a considerable amount of time and investment to see favorable results. In such a scenario, working with a specialized digital marketing agency like ours can help you get a high return on investment. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your digital marketing campaign.


Ease of Measuring Results

You have access to a ton a information about your prospects and customers to help you understand where you are going. Right from how many people are visiting/leaving your website to what percentage of them are converting. Imagine the level of tweaking/testing you can do with digital marketing, which is literally absent in traditional marketing.

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Higher Level of Customer Engagement

Traditional marketing doesn’t allow direct interaction with customers, whereas digital marketing offers a higher level of engagement and interaction. Whether it is through social media comments or email messages, your target audience is instantly connected with you through various digital marketing channels.

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Bigger Audience Range

Using digital marketing, you can create a highly customized campaign and widen your reach to different cities or even different countries. So say goodbye to the blanket approach that traditional marketing takes and say hello to digital marketing that lets you alter your campaign based on how far you want to go.

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Less Expensive & More Effective

When it comes to spending money on marketing, your return on investment decides whether your campaign was successful or not. There’s no surprise that digital marketing fetches you a better ROI because it’s cheaper than traditional marketing/advertising in more than one way.

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And This Is Just The Beginning. Prepare For Your Mind Blown!

Would you rather invest in an advertisement where you pay based on performance or in a costly newspaper ad that is seen by a limited audience? Digital marketing allows you to spend less while gaining more. For many businesses, it’s a no brainer.
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