After the birth of our daughter staying at home was where my heart tugged AND a deep desire to create an income. I jumped all into an incredilble network marketing and MLM company with amazing life changing products. Sound familiar to anyone? Well, they are ligit. And I still love them and use them for great nutritional value and health.

sleeping through the summer thunderstorms

That was an eye opening expereince into what an at home business is like. Opening an office with Chewy was one thing. He’s working into a partnership as he is being groomed to excell in his passion of chiropractic and rejuvinative medicine through the innovative STEM CELL therapies. Being apart of that was amazing– and challenging. Seeing the patients and the healing, and amazing results were nothing short of lifechanging. My favorite little lady is in her mid 80’s and feels so great she’s going to Vegas this winter to play the slots! She’s very lucky, wins up in Jax all the time. She’s thrilled to go try her luck in Vegas. And it’s her first long trip in years with her boys. THAT is TRULY amazing. Being pregnant and running a busines with your spouse is challenging– lots of decisons to be made both business wise and personal. SO many people would never do it. I get it. It was hard to keep the biz at the office only. Yet… it’s so worth it to go against the grain. I loved every minute of building something together. Most people would hate it. TOO much time together. Yes. TOO much butting heads. Yes. I guess I saw it differently. It was an opportunity to see each other every day and build our dreams day by day. The mission of it was maybe more romantic than the reality. Yet, it seems now that it was we were living with more purpose. That was huge. On the same page.

After the birth … well we were in love. Little Iz and her sweet spirit. She has been a good natured soul and all smiles and a fearless adventurous heart. She’s pleasantly alive. And working part time seemed like a far reach. Working with new mentors to help coach us through the world of MLM was a learning experience for sure. Yet in my heart it was killing me. Something seemed off. The people? Possibly. The system… could be. The offer probably. The lack of community. Definetly. And as much as a lot of it made some sense. I felt this work part was nice to have an outlet from mommyhood… yet it was causing more tension than prosperity or sucess. The lifestyle of MLM was a new lifestyle. It’s just not for us. It’s the wrong industry for us. A great opporunity for a low investment. And the concept sounds great. We even though we enjoyed parts of it. Mostly meeting and making new connections. We both really loved that. It just didn’t fit.

However, we grew quite a bit. Which really tranlates to… we made a lot of mistakes and put ourselves into a lot of ACTION. That habit was the catalyst to steppping into fear, leaning in as Brene` Brown, author of Daring Greatly, and Braving the Wilderness.  We were becoming vulnerable with each choice and each step. Honing in our mindest was huge. Understanding business questions and learning to hear and posture well to create an offer was a great skill learned. We did end up investing our time into training for personal development. After going to 10x Growth Con last February, Tony Robbins this fall with Gary Vaynerchuck , and Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) Seminars–our “nerdy date weekends” have become our favorite time spent. We discovered our business growth has really lead to massive relationship growth. Yes, it’s very sexy. hahahaha Or just …. us. Anyways… all those and a series of oppurtunties. Sweet opportunities. One, to illustrate a children’s book, one to collaborate with a meditation book, and another to work as a lead insturctor for a Montessori school with all training and education paid for… all these opportunities came. From connecting and taking ACTION.

Yet… they seemed to just not be quite the right fit. Even as enticing as they were. It was very disheartening to not understand the meaning of why they weren’t a win-win. And I had to let them go and we mutally knew it wasn’t the right fit or timing. Girl, it felt gut wrenching to feel like I had let these people, wonderful, talented DREAMERS and the opportunity to collaborate go. Yet, like Rachel Hollis says, Girl, Wash Your Face! ,I had to literallay wash it dust myself off and keep going forward. We found out we were expecting baby #3 mid September and I felt like this was why. It was time to slow down and get ready for another life. We are expecting this bundle mid May. At MMI–we learned that lucrative opportunties will always come our way … it was so true. And timly to go expereince that seminar and understand some vital truths. It’s a ‘sign’ or a faith building moment that it’s the right track and the ah’ha moment when know you are onto something…. good. So this winter I decided to slowly dive deep into a owning a Digital Marketing Company & running photography on the side.

What inspired this?

I started playing with building landing pages for the chiropractic office. We had been really wanting to invest more in our online presence and digital campaigns. But where would we begin? After going to Growth Con 2 in Los Vegas we invested in Clickfunnels. We had been looking at it for the past year and how it can help with online business development and marketing. Understanding I could learn online to create something for out office just out of shear curiosity and playfulness… in 6 months of running a landing page our company grow 400% with ad placement, a quality back end offer and legitimate services that has continued to help and improve lives. We understood there was something special here. And we were excited! It’s been exciting to see the growth and changes. So I thought.. this could be an online mobile lifestyle business. Keeping the stay at home mommy dream while earning an income, creating fulfillment & still having that on purpose growth that Chewy and I fell in love with. It happened to simultaneously grow our relationship into something new, and growth not goals or perfection is our mantra.