Sex Reveals Brain Enhancing Benefits

Adina Call

Adina CallNov 26 · 5 min read

We feel good after we have sex. Well, in my experience, that’s true. To each their own. If you aren’t feeling good after… try something new. And be open, pun intended. Really you’re on your own when it comes to sex. Let’s just say it has more brain benefits than just feeling good.

Did you know that having sex consecutively can acutally enhance your brain function and reduce stress?

Scientists Benedetta Leurner, Erica R. Glapser, and Elizabeth Gould in 2010 conducted a study to observe the effects of sexual experience in the hippocampi of rats(1). They studied male rats with sexually receptive female rats and their encounters. One group with just one sexual encounter and then another group of 14 consecutive days of a sexual encounter. Not only did they look at their rate of neurogenesis they looked at their stress levels as well.

What happened was that the rats with one sexual experience had a increase of crotisol, the stress hormone, and an increase in the number of new neurons in the hippocampus. The rats with a sexual experience for 14 days in a row didn’t have the same increase of coritsol after the first day, but they did continue to see improvement in the growth of neurogenesis.

(Neurogenesis is awesome because that is the growth and development of new nervous or nerve tissue in our brains!) Hello not just your man’s brain below the belt either… jk.

What does that mean about how sex effects us? When you are stressed, you need to have sex. Not I’ll get to it later after the laundry, dishes and doing my nails… like that is one of the best ways. Get laid! And when you are anxious or have chronic anxiety… sex literally can calm your nerves, or at the least it could be a good idea to get in the mood.

And since this was specifically showing change in the hippocampus located in our temporal lobes, which regulates our motivation, learning, emotions, and memory — this is sounding familiar.

Know anyone with memory loss? Hell yeah!

When our temporal lobes are severly damaged we see signs of Alzheimer’s dementia disesase or memory loss. Making sex now a possilbly viable medical prevention source.


According to Ahlzeimer’s Association in 2019 roughly 5.8 million people in America are living with Ahlzeimer’s dementia. With all the new research on how to prevent… the uncurable… sex is definetly on the table.

What would you do to regain memory? With brain fog and distraction on the rise…let’s see what sex study says on this one. In a more recent study(2) in 2018 looking at over 6,000 adults found that having sex more often was associated with better memory performance in adults ages 50 and older. Boosting our memory over time while having consistent sex as we live longer can offer a fuller life.

We are literally living longer. Um, yes to living an enjoyable longer life.

The reason why we love the obvious closeness that sex brings us on an intimate level, is because it effects how we feel. Some of the chemicals released during sex are the release of dopamine which is a “feel good” hormone and can help ward off depression and irritablity(3).

Another hormone release is oxytocin, the “cuddle hormone”, which is the love hormone. And released when mothers nurse babies and “let down” their milk, causing a relaxing and calming feeling.

Similarly sexual stimulation of the nipples recreate that same oxytocin, calm and relaxing feeling. So if you aren’t playing with nipples. That’s definetly something to try. These hormones may seem odd to couple together however in sexual experiences, breastfeeding and child birth, they promote intimacy and bonding.

Finally, in an orgasim the hormone prolactin is released, and helps us sleep(4). Sleep is where our brain recovers and dumps out the junk.

So when you receive positive feedback from your partner especially during sex, which elevates serotonin, and in turn raises dopamine. Even though females tend to be more right-brained in nature, men have 50% MORE serotonin receptors than women do (5).

Which means that woman need two times as much external affection, praise and apprecitation in order to rais our seratonin levels! WOW!!!

Becuase serotonin or the happy hormone is produced in the right brain. Where all our emoitons, sensuality and passions are held… Woman need to have more sex in order to stay happy and healthier and keep depression at bay. Imagine if your doctor prescribed that?

HMMM….Writing a perscription to go have sex. Please pay me $400 for this this no brainer. Who’d a thought?

And that also is probably why it takes a lot more effort for woman to “get in” the mood and need more enticing, foreplay and affection before sex. Warm your lady up!

Date her, praise her and give her the attention she needs to have an enjoyable night. It will be worth it for both partners.

When a woman feels safe, loved, nourished cared for and honored, she will be more than happy to share her love. And release her sexual desire with her partner. Bonding, love and intimacy is a deeper drive and sex is a huge part of how why woman crave a sexual experience. Not only does the serotinin help her stay more calm and less emotional- it helps her frontal lobe function. So she can be more clear minded and logical in making decisions.

Ultimately when we have more sex our brains are reaping the benefits as well as our naughty bits. We are less irritable, remember more, happier, feel connected, calm, relaxed, less depressed and grow actual new neurons.

And that’s just the brain benefits. Besides, who wouldn’t want to have more sex and get smarte all at once?