A place for stillness.

This space is really where I can share some insights and jot down my thoughts. We live in a very busy world. There’s so much going on. And even living in a small town in Florida. Where it’s a little bit slower life is still on full demand.

My husband is brilliant. Like literally– in the most down to earth way.  He’s a chiropractor and he nerds out on neurology, comic book movies and helping people with Stem Cell Therapy too. He also is unique in that he’s one of thirty extremity doctors in the country. He also has the opportunity to be a National Instructor for Chiropractic Hand & Foot Association of America and for a myofacsial instrument that specializes in soft tissue manipulation with Hawkgrips. He travels teaching these techniques and services all of the country. He also does Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and strives for being the best dad… everyday. He literally works a lemonade stand teaching our son about being an entrepreneur in anyspare time possible. Lets just say, in this small town we stand out by not standing still. Our life, very specifically WE are on full demand. Which begs one to consider, how is this done and who’d want to live like that?

Well we do.

Let’s back track a little. I married an EXTREME SPORTS JUNKIE. Pre-Chiropractic days book worm days. He was a Professional Pogo Sticker. A FREESTYLE Skiier. Like the ones you see on X-GAMES…  doing backflips, 360’s and side arial’s on Skiis. Long Boarder. Rock Climber. Sky Diver. Down Hill Mountain Biker. Skateboarder & MMA amtaur fighter. SOOOOO much energy. Which when you are with him it’s just increddible to be around. He has a natural happiness and TRUE LOVE for LIFE. It’s quite infectious. Biased as I am. It’s simply true. And everyone who knows him loves his light.

I run at a different a pace. A pace of my own. Active, hell yes! Working towards a fitness lifestyle, studying Montessori Teaching, growing an at home business, being active in our church, searching for time to paint, providing healthy option & nutrious snacks for our babies. You know “momming” hard core & finding that my dreams are just beginning to take flight.

This is a place for all the mommy moments, what growing an at home business is like, dieting–to do or not to do? Fitness hacks or recipes on the fly. The crazy awesome behind the scenes moments of living an ambitious mom, boss babe, creative woman– and of course of slower days– where motherhood unfolds and shhhhhhhit hits the fan. And life begs to ask deep questions. To pause among the chaos and rise with your heart. And all the in-between.

Where dreamers are welcomed with open arms. 

This is just me putting pen down and sharing soulful reflection & seeds of creativity can come alive.


This is my space for pause, laughter and living is in full swing.

It’s me… being me.

Just Adina.