Adina Call

Adina CallNov 15 · 3 min read

Often when reminded of my two older brothers and my father , the song Hero from the Foo Fighters comes to mind. They are extremely gentle men. In both senses of the word. Gentlity and gentle in nature. Which allows the women in our family often have much more dynamic personalities, ambition, passion, and feminine drive. I dare-say we are fierce.

It seems to me, that sometimes it’s the everyday ordinary acts that create consistency and harmony in a home. Their ordinary daily grind becomes extraordinary in my eyes. Hero-like.

Consistent. Patient. And full of encouragement. My father always encouraged me to pursue the arts and creativity. My brothers silent protecting presence. And soft nurturing and loving advice were, yin to the yang in our family growing up.

There comes a point where a job that keeps the family afloat and where the focus is on family life may not be the idealic key to success. Or even meeting most 1st world idea of minimum requirements for financial stability. Although that is important, sometimes sticking out a job, like Gary V did for years waiting to grow and grinding, is the right move for the quality of family life.

I’m so grateful for the sacrifice my parents gave to do just that. Prioritizing different career moves for family life. My dad was more or less a stay at home dad in the 90’s before that was the social norm. Although unconventional-it’s had lasting benefits.

He was inovled in our schooling. Sports activities and more the driving force at home with learning and faith.

Different and impactful.

Then there is Chewy… who brings an excited energy to my family. He loves my father, brothers and cousins like his own. Mostly because my father is an athlete, one brother a sports junkie and another a video gamer and comic book lover, they geek out together. They all love ninja movies and MMA and UFC fight nights.

Besides their interests, they are very different energies than my husband. I’ve have never met a man who didn’t love being around him. Even men who are quiet and of little words, seem to open up. To the point where a friend of ours wife said, “How did he do that? My husband barely speaks to me. He’s so quiet. He was in a full conversation with Chewy.” Then followed up was, “We should hang out again.”

He’s ambitious and driven with a brain mix of Steve Erwin (full of animal factoids), Grant Cardone, an MMA fighter and Bill Nye the Science Guy, he was a chemistry TA in college for fun. Like that’s fun. Fascinating. Eh- on the fun scale. Sorta a full throttle nerd.

What’s been most interesting is in the past few years how much empathy he has developed. He’s tapped into his ability to listen well an care for the people he serves. Which seems to reframe that masculinity is still vital in our culture. He still breathes LIFE and ENTHUSIASM and humor into everything he does.

Grateful to small moments and seeing the men behind their outward titles and careers. The ordinary moments that are shared beyond social media posts, conferences or even the dad-wins. That ordinary is someone who consistantly shows up. Be someones hero. Be consistent. Stay the course. Say thank you to your heros as often as possible.

“There goes my hero
Watch him as he goes
There goes my hero
He’s ordinary”

— Songwriters: David Eric Grohl / Nate Mendel / Pat Smear