Went to IKEA today. IKEAAAA!!! Oh the place of interior dreaming- and upgrading modular living lifestyle. Swedish furniture you out did yourself. Even if you don’t like IKEA furniture there is something there you will find intriguing.

Looking for new furnishings while we move cross country. Come home and literally realized I could drop $5k easy. Is that necessary? No. But my dreams were intrigued and peaked. While chatting with my sister in law she giggles back, “IKEA is the best place to dream! Isn’t that what it’s for?”

It got me thinking about the future.

What would you do to upgrade your life if you made all the money you ever wanted? Or if you had all your needs and comforts of life? What would you do? Why would it be important to dream that big and create financial freedom?

As this past 3 years I’ve focused largely on upgrading my financial IQ and financial literacy. In books, mostly audible, as having 3 small children keeps my hands busy. Going to seminars. Taking a personal finance course. Upgrading to new online budgeting software, a paper free budget where one can see all debts, accounts and set goals in one place. And starting to understand the power of knowing your numbers.

What I’ve learned so far…

  1. Inner peace and confidence. Creating financial stability is a personal responsibity and creates peace of mind.
  2. Carve out time to pursue more education, another side hustle, starting a side business, or an investment. It is worth the extra time and sacrifice of social gatherings to commit to.
  3. Change your financial vision. You’re annual take home can be worked backwards. Start with where you want to live. Itemize the cost of living in that area and work your dream lifestyle budget backwards. Live under your means until you are in financial freedom. From there you will have a baseline of how much income you need to make to live your dream life.
  4. Giving back. When you have extra income you can give more to charities, causes and be apart of non-profit organizations that you are passionate about.
  5. Be an example to the next generation. Pursuing your goals when you have children is possible. It takes more creativity and purpose.
  6. Network. Stepping outside your social bubble is healthy, and a great way to meet interesting people, make new friends and find like-minded individuals.

Few things light up the heart like helping and bringing JOY to others. Trust in the fact that when you are well taken care of financially you’ll be even more poised and inspired to spread the love…Our world now more than ever needs as many compassionate, creative, big hearted, conscious people to be as rich as possible so we can turn this mother around. 

— Jen Sincero

Jen Sincero, author of You are a Badass, and many more books involving bad-assedness. As you can see from the quote above, she’s pretty rad. And she’s right. The world needs you to be financially literate and savvy. That’s how we start to bridge the wealth gap. We need to see that our future depends on us not only becoming independently and conciously rich people in order to help serve those with less privladges, solve the problems of the future, and heal our world.

Yes, that means more travel…

It also means more time to think about the bigger issues and to pay it forward. Making wealth creation and ambition, the norm.