You know when you have those hard confrontational conversations?

The moments where you are blocked in conversation? Where no matter how much you love and care deeply about someone, there are no words to find understanding.

Then it dawned on me, that everyone is operating in there sphere of influence and capacity. However limited or limitless, each one of us has infinite opportunties to lean in, to engage, to say no thank you to unhealthy situations and to either choose to learn and grow, or choose to stay the same.

Why choose to stay open? In a world where you can be hurt, abused, misused and taken advantage of?

Choosing to stay open to the infinite- as obstacles come into our life has massive benefits.

It pushes you beyond your fears and causese some uncomfortable conversatins and situtations. Those times of to difficult confronts are often one way we have the opportunity to grow. Looking for the long term gain and outcome, verses the short term gains.

“Finite players play to beat the people around them. Infinite players play to be better than themselves.”

“No matter how successful we are in life, when we die, none of us will be declared the winner of life.”

“Great leaders are the ones who think beyond “short term” versus “long term.” Aug 11, 2019

My husband and I often talk of when we “make it.” We’ve had this conversation over many times in our relationship. And one day I thought… what if there is no “it.”

If success like climbing to the top of a tree. You can make it to the top and see a result of, I made it. Goal reached. Here’s the outcome. What if success was more like, keep climbing, even after you made it to the top or height you desired. To keep seeking and searching. A new approach. A new learning curve and finding joy in the climb.

Success seems to me to be relative to what one individual defines as success. Multiple figures, travel, lots of cars vs. raising a loving a family. Very different terms of success. If it is then relative, how do we look a the process of developing as not a destination, but a as progression?

When having that all known conversation where unwarranted advice is given- in suggestion, command or reccomendation. Unsolicited. Breathing and pausing.

Remembering that I would in a different conversation advocate that everyone should experience being a parent. Yet it’s not in everyone’s life plan. That would be unwarrented advice to people who aren’t interested in parenting.

Even if I can see the and know the growth and benefits. It’s really about putting yourself in the attitude of OPEN to everything and anyone, and meeting each other excatly where we are.

Staying open to conversations that are challenging and oppositional usually has brought me much fullfillment. Uncomforable and sometimes painful. I’ve been discovering and understanding that we all are working from our own perspectives and belief systems.

Staying open, and braving the wilderness really causes us to use our heart in seeing past differences. And seeing each other.