What is interesting is that marketing is so huge in today’s economy. Yet what is being best used? Being on a the level that I’m at… it’s pretty new. I’m okay with saying this is new for me too. Beginning right where you are is part of the process. And as I’m learning and growing… if you are researching how to create a laptop lifestyle for yourself… jump into it. You will be ahead of where you were 5 years ago. If you want to learn more about partnering with me in digtal marketing or for consultation on your current advertising or webdsigning needs click here.

Today’s the strategy for digital marketing is quite different.

After Certifying in Marketing Consulting with the Chiropractic Business Academy and mostly running event based and local marketing for bringing in new people to a service based or brick and morter business. While it was fun. The physical aspect was getting a bit tiring with babies. My edcuation and experience is coupled with taking online courses through Brigham Young Universtiy-Idaho in WebDesign, Communications, Content Creating and learning online through John Reese’s Traffic Secrets course for Digital Marketing … I may be new and still willing to learn how business is shifting. I’ve learned that marketing is work and it’s a lot of FUN.

My passion goes into marketing becuase of knowing how much work a business is to build and that that is a huge way to build a living outside of corporate America & taking back control of your life. It gives you agency to choose when you are in control and not living pay-check to pay-check.

If you are looking for non-traditional business there are so many options today it make be hard to choose.

Option 1. Ask your self some REAL and HONEST questions. Is my biggest concern growing some extra cash right now? vs. What’s the LONGTERM vision I have? Then ask yourself, what are my real DREAMS and Apsirations? Does starting or owning a small busines fit those dreams or passions? Would going in online or starting a business be worth the commitment?

Is working from home for me?

Option 2. If not, another options is look into joining a Network Marketing Company. It’s a great way to be around like minded people looking to grow. And it’s growing by doing. You get real life experiences. Like overcoming shyness, handling rejection, public speaking opportunities, and training and coaching for a low start up cost.

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel– there is usally a business model, compensation plan, teams, a website to hold your back office and not hold inventory–plus most key ingredients in business are: Marketing-Operations-Production. In Network Marketing the company you join handles the Operations (customer service, web developlment, tools) and Producing the products. You are really learning the art of marketing. And overcoming your fears to GROW.

It’s work. Work home and your laptop. It’s an easy way to cut loose from employees (if you’ve run and owned a traditional business) or to start on your own. I partner with a great holistic company because I love the products, believe in the mission and love the community it provides. It’s super crunchy, organic, non-gmo, plant based, gluten free, vegan superfood products. YES HIPPIE. LOVE IT. If it’s okay with you here’s a link to look at what it is. All the company beliefs and ethical way of handling their production fall into my own lifestyle. Find what works for you.

Option 3. Becoming a digital marketer or starting an online agency. This is my main squeeze guys. Running online advertising, blogging, creating conent aka SEO, learning winning strategies. Digital Editing. Photo editing. LOVE IT!!! Marketing and meeting with business owners is where the heart of it is. Seeing their dreams being helped becuase of something I can do from home… is a no brainer. Their joy turns into mine. And I can do it will pregnant on the couch cuddling my pug while the little one takes a nap. Laptop Living Lifestyle is where business is going. Have a podcast? Or A VLOG? You are already doing content creation. It’s a great way to get out of the office and grow. If you want to learn more about how to get more leads then take some courses. Get familiar with tools like google adwords, seo tools and how to create a product, a book or offer your expertise to the world.

Today I’m sharing Gary V’s take on Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing. He’s amazing. Check out his site, Gary Vaynerchuk.com Listening to him in person last August was incredible. He is a huge marketing force and talented business owner and entrepreneur. Learn more below…

[Today] You can build a brand [today] based on attention.

-Gary V.

Gary goes into how staying consistent and true to your brand is really where the heart of creating GREAT CONTENT lies. Use common sense on each platform and is your content speaking to that reach? (social media platform or demographic of who’s on that platform?– he’s talking real conversions vs impressions… which you can find on Google Anaylitcs. Highly reccomend researching Google Anaylitics Academy. It’s a free resoucre to grow your podcast, website, business and analyze market trends for you niche business.

Producing quality content at a low enough cost. Quality being contextual to the distribution and empathetic NOT high production.

Gary v.

Get started where you are & grow organically.

-Always Adina.