Two and a half years ago we opened our doors.

Opening a business is one thing. Doing it with your spouse a whole other THANG.  Being apart of that was amazing– and challenging. Seeing the patients and the healing, and amazing results were nothing short of lifechanging.

Our favorite little lady is in her mid 80’s and feels so great she’s going to Vegas this winter to play the slots! She’s very lucky, wins up in Jax all the time. She’s thrilled to go try her luck in Vegas. And it’s her first long trip in years with her boys. After her Stem Cell Therapy treatment and continued care. She is a living testament to what he does.

That is TRULY amazing.

Being pregnant and running a busines with your spouse is challenging– lots of decisons to be made both business wise and personal. SO many people would never do it. I get it. It was hard to keep the biz at the office only.

Yet… it’s so worth it to go against the grain.

It was an opportunity to see each other every day and build our dreams day by day. The mission of it was maybe more romantic than the reality. We were beginning to live with more purpose

Purpose is huge folks

living with intention takes lots of effort. totally worth it.

That habit was the catalyst to steppping into fear,
or leaning in as Brene` Brown, author of Daring
Greatly, and Braving the Wilderness. 
 We were becoming vulnerable with each choice and each step. Honing in our mindest was huge.

Again, understanding business questions/objections and learning to hear and posture well to create an offer was a great learned skill. And investing our time  into training for personal development. We are working our business. After going to 10x Growth Con  with Grant Cardone, last February, Tony Robbins this fall with Gary Vaynerchuck , and Millionaire Mind Intensive (MMI) Seminars–our “nerdy date weekends” have become our favorite time spent. All business focused. 

We discovered our business growth has really lead to massive relationship growth. Yes, it’s very sexy. hahahaha.

Simultaneously propelling our brick and morter business forward. 

Lots more opportunities came… so many.

When you have to turn down opportunities you know you are doing something right.

It felt gut wrenching to feel like I had let these people, wonderful, talented people and the opportunity to collaborate go. Yet, like Rachel Hollis says, Girl, Wash Your Face! , I had to literallay wash it dust myself off and keep going forward.

THEN, we found out we were expecting baby #3 due in May.

It was time to slow down and get ready for another life. PLOT TWIST. Does this sound familiar? It’s like when you own a business when it rains it pours. The unexpected is the norm. We decided we can be willing to grow while we grow our family.
After all the changes I decided to open and dive deep into a owning a Digital Marketing Company & Media.

When I started playing with building landing pages for the chiropractic office early last summer to see what we could change. Looking back, there was no way of knowing what would happen. We had been really wanting to invest more in our online presence and digital campaigns. But where would we begin?

After going to Growth Con 2 in Los Vegas in 2018, we invested in Clickfunnels. Taking courses. Tutorials. And growing. And from there met more IT and tech friends who have given amazing insight on how to grow with the worlds leading automated software out side of clickfunnels… more like for coding (yes coding) and internet genius status brains. Mind blowing. With their insights and direction I’ve come up with more ways to offer websites and coupled with marketing to drive more leads, and ROI. Which meant this landing pages work. Depending on each clients needs, more business and full spectrum with speed and simplicity or for more building a brand and community based for a local business. 

In less than 6 months of running a landing page, testing, failing then re-testing our company grow 400% with building a converting landing page and ad placements quality back end offer, great staff, and legitimate services that has continued to help and improve lives. Well it came together quite well.

We understood there was something special here. And we were excited! It’s been exciting to see the growth and changes.  

In the past 2 years of training with a consulting group for the office, hands on marketing, collaborating with different marketers as well as going to more and more business conferences and taking courses. The 3 main wheels of any busiess are:

Marketing. Operations. & Production. 

If something isnt working. Get back to the basics. Check one of these three components. Understanding that most of your time is spent on Operations & Productions… means sometimes Marketing is the last thing you have time for– and that’s the part that acutaly is FUELING your business. Where new clients come or where you can establish more ways to grow.

OUR KEY approach is understanding what it takes to start a business.  It’s propelled me forward to start this business. The passion. The dream. The day in day out. The ups & downs. The fulfillment.

How can I help bridge the online gap or missing leads and business strategy to help business owners like you?

There are over 2billion people on Facebook alone. And more and more large corporations are liquidating because of online businesses.

Creating Quality Lead Generation. Drive more traffic. Capture more engagement, SEO* options, having more campaign control over online strategy. It seems to me that most small businesses have less time to think about their online presence. Where their dollars are going digitally. And what is actaully the ROI with real results or if that’s worth focusing their time and energy.

Pho Love Media offers a variety of solutions to keep your business relevant online so you can work on your business and not hasstle with the details online. It takes time to keep up to date and that’s our goal. Time saving solutions. That way your business can be running while you are out with family or “minding your business.”