into the deep

Our first time deep sea fishing on the beautiful Jodie Lynn 2. With 20knot winds and 5o degree highs off the coast of St. Augustine, Fl. Sunny Florida–and brisk winds. We pushed out for about an hour and half.

It was chilly getting out to drop our lines. Once we dropped in the first hour the fish were biting non-stop.

It was definitely swaying and rocking. The veiws were breathtaking.

First catch of the day. She caught the most legal fish and the most exotic fish of the day. Ramora. Sea Robin. Grouper. These little red and white fish were open season. We were able to keep about 25 catches just in time for the holidays. I puked a few times. Pregnant woman and boating isn’t the best idea. However catching fish was fun. I’m sore. Tired and sea sick. Yet… IT WAS SOOOO COOL. Definetly something I’d be open to trying again.