Izla turned one yesterday. We did the normal Monday to do’s and played. It had me thinking about this first year of her life and her story…

I have shared it with close friends through conversations yet never really contemplated on her miraculous arrival.

First of all we kept it pretty quiet that we were expecting for many reasons… but mostly it was just sweet to remember the sweet moments of growing a life. Its a special feeling.

We debated about weather she was a girl and we really hoped for one. When we had a gender reveal we were so happy and elated. She’s been sweet gift all along. She moved side to side in my belly a lot. Like she was so small she could swim in there. I was rather large so it seems plausible. I just like to romanticize about a little mermaid baby enjoying the movement.

Being that we opened Chewys practice and moved to a new town kept us very busy. There wasn’t much time to revel in this pregnancy like with Kaemon. She was growing and we kept busy.

With that we had many interesting proposals one of which was to enjoy an energy work, with a wonderful lady who owns a trinity table. It’s an oak table built for astronauts to assimilate back to gravity. There are only 12 in the world. Sure! I’ll lay on a table and nap for an hour. Sounds lovely! Well it spins very slowly while balancing you. She put a cover over my eyes and ears. That way it reduces all the senses. We had a great conversation and she offered to do a chakra reading of which I obliged. It seemed interesting and not harmful in any way. She said she can always tell the gender of a baby when the stone spins and it was very active over my belly. I didn’t ask her then but she smiled wide. After the trinity table she said she cried a little she hadn’t seen a pregnant woman on the table in many years. It was a sweet moment. I remember asking for my heart to be at lifted up and to heal. The last couple years had been hard and I wanted to be ready for this new baby.

During the pregnancy I remember telling everyone I was due on August 6th. The real due date was August 9th.

And early around 5am on August 6th I started laboring. We decided to have a home birth because Kaemon’s birth was so fast. I felt strongly she would come faster. He was a natural birth and so I chose to have Izla at home on Burning Ember Lane.

By 9am– after squatting through contractions and gripping our counter top to hold me in the squats. I called my midwife. She asked to count the contractions through an app. By 10am I was 5 min apart. We called her again and she said she was coming.

My mom was in town from Seattle and brought Kaemon to church at 9am. Chewy had been blowing up the inflatable pool and the filling it with water. He asked if I needed anything from the store. I asked for more liquids. I felt really thirsty. He was so panicked. Lol. He came home with like four huge Gatorades, Cheetos Puffs, Gummy Bears, Sour Patch Kids and tons of ice cream. He bought all my favorite junk food. And lots more. What a sweetheart.

The pool was ready and Chewy got in with me and I put my hands on his shoulders to help with the squats. Our midwife arrived at 11:30am. She had an iced coffee in her hand and smelled of cigarettes. She’s great. A mother of 6 looked like an old pro. Until she checked me and was like alright your at 9 cm and baby’s head is abutted. That was at 12:00 pm. A little surprised. I asked about going in the water she said, “Whatever you’re doing just keep doing it.”

Chewy and I laid back in the water pool and in two hard pushes– well our midwife did suggest not to scream to much cause it can contract the cervix– that putting the “scream” into a push would open my cervix. Seemed to work.

By 12:03pm Izla was here.


My water never broke. She was fully intact. Chewy and our Midwife held her in the sack. They could see her wiggle unaware that she was out. I couldn’t see her. Her umbilical cord was very short. They gently popped the placenta and she was born.

She was loud. And tiny with lots of hair.

Chewy adjusted her after we were on our bed. She cried so loud and as soon as he gently adjusted her she calmed down so fast. And fell asleep. Our midwife said she’d never seen anything like that from all her nearly 7 hundred births.


Little Iz.

You came on August 6th–little Leo baby.

We are glad you are here.